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[content_box width="85%"]Ever wonder how people get across the finish line of the TOUGH MUDDER, Spartan Race or other 10-14 mile Obstacle Courses in less than 2 hours?

Do YOU want to be one of those ‘2 HOUR’ finishers?


Join Pete Isip, THE Mud Run Training Expert, as he reveals his unique training methods that get his clients and his entire team across the finish line in LESS THAN 2 HOURS…

Get Your Body – and Your Mind – Primed
and Ready to DOMINATE the Tough
Muddy Course…

And save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a cry
baby, a wimp or a complete and total asshole…

If you are looking for someone to wish you the best of luck at FINISH, then you need to go talk to your momma. \

But if you are looking for someone to get you prepared to have your strength, stamina and mental grit challenged like it’s never been challenged before… then you are at the right place.

Mud Runs are not a race, they’re a challenge… it is one of the most unforgiving, severe events on the planet.

It doesn’t just test your fitness and your stamina… it tests your toughness, your nerve and your courage.

It’s NOT for cry babies, weaklings or momma’s boys.

It’s not for men and women who get all the excitement they can handle from running a 5k.

Mud Runs are for people who want to push themselves to the limit… and find out what they are really made of.

How to Know If YOU Are Really Prepared For Spartan Race or Tough Mudder…

The courses are brutal. It tests your physical and mental limits like they have never been tested before.

This is exactly why I thrive during this race…
This is why I love this race!

And this is what keeps me coming back time and time again.

But I have to give a little warning…

I always meet people who show up to the events with all the confidence in the world. They think that just by being in great shape or just because they running marathons they have all the preparation they need.

And these are usually the same people that drag their butt across the finish line in tears… or never cross that finish line at all.

  • I don’t care how many races you have run in the past…
  • I don’t care if you go to the gym everyday…
  • I don’t care how much you can bench or how much endurance you have…
  • I don’t even care if you just completed a triathlon…

If you don’t have the right training to get yourself prepared for anything and everything these Mud Runs are going to throw your way… you WILL struggle to cross that finish line.

Are you getting a little nervous?

You should be!

Tough Mudders and Spartan Races are a challenge we all take very seriously.

  • I have seen great athletes drop out and even leave on stretchers…
  • I have seen grown men cry…
  • And I have seen this event push people to their physical and mental edge…

But I have also seen people complete the entire event in 2 hours with
a smile on their face… feeling like they could run the course one more time.

What makes the difference?

Specialized Mud Run Training.

How to Finish Mud Runs
…without looking like an asshole out there and embarrassing yourself

Hello, my name is Pete Isip and I am the Co-Owner and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of KRANK Systems. I hold multiple championships and placements in drug-tested “natural” bodybuilding competitions around the world. I have been featured on ESPN2, Shape Magazine and Natural Muscle Magazine.

And when these Mud Runs came along, I knew it was a competition I didn’t just want to compete in… I wanted to DOMINATE IT.

But I’m no fool.

I knew that just because I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach that spent all day in the gym didn’t mean that I was prepared for this race.

Let’s be honest… I didn’t want to get out on that field and humiliate myself.

So I created a special training program that covered every obstacle and every hurdle of the race… including the mental toughness that is KEY to completing the challenge.

Then I put my training program to the test.

I assembled a team of people who actually wanted to compete in this crazy race. Not a lot of people knew about it at that time… so I had a mix of bodybuilders, runners and even complete beginners to work with.

But it didn’t matter who was on my team because I designed my program to get everyone prepared… and my specialized training program did the job.

Every time I have competed in a Tough Mudder… no matter who I had on my team – we all completed the entire race in a little over 2 hours or less and in top 10 %

Because of the success of my program, I have now become an expert in the preparation of the runs like the Tough Mudder (who actually SUED me for giving out TOO MUCH information) and Spartan Races

I am THE “Tough Mud Run Training Guy”

I get people from all over who want to train with me and use my program to get prepared for this race because I am one of the first who is providing the specialized, serious, hard-hitting training they need to complete the course and power-through all the obstacles.

I even have men and women who have actually completed a Mud Run in the past contacting me for my specialized training programs… simply because they want to run another one and they want to DOMINATE the race this time.

I have had so many requests that I finally decided to turn my training course into a home-training program… and the results speak for themselves.

[content_box_yellow width="75%"]I started doing mud runs just for the challenge and to have fun. Being a fire captain I really needed more of a challenge to keep my training fresh. Working out with Pete has really help me move above and beyond the expectations that I have had in my runs.

Now i am finishing in the top 5 % in all of the runs whether it be a Spartan Race,  Tough Mudder,  CMC or anything. Thanks Pete and Krank”  -Captain Lou

“The worst first experience was not being able to jump over the walls, endurance for the hills, or even climb up the damn rope. I mean i did it in middle school so why couldn’t I do it today. LOL! I just had ACL surgery. I thought i would never be able to complete a mud run.

Using the mud run program with Pete has made the next experience awesome. Not only did I do everything I failed at with ease and finished top in my team, My knee felt great and didn’t bother me at all.”  -Brian Shepard

“I never thought I would be able to do these things. I was scared and frightened of the fact of running hills and doing monkey bars. After using the How to Train for Mud Runs Training program my knee felt stronger and I blew away people on the monkey bars.

I’m not going to lie, as a woman its fun to watch MEN fall off  the monkey bars and I am soaring by them.”   -Stay at home mom

“I am an avid marathon runner but just dint know what to expect. My A type personality wanted to know everything about Tough Mudder and came upon Pete and his program. 

My upper body strength is so much stronger and have more confidence on these muddy courses. Not only that but I also shaved off 10 minutes in my last marathon. 

Talk about 2 for 1. Thank you for your help Pete!”  
-Loren (Marathon Runner)

“I was a basic bodybuilder style guy and I was not prepared to handle the Tough Mudder course like I thought I would have.

Being a father of 2 and a working 8 plus hours a day, I thought I would never have time to hit the gym.

It wasn’t until I started to workout with Pete’s program, I learned to make time for training and that I really didn’t need to be in the gym 7 days a week at over 2 hours at a time.

Pete’s approach to training has changed the way I look at fitness.” -Danny B.

“I never thought I would be able to finish my first ever Spartan Race. If I haven’t trained with Pete and his Mud Run Program I probably would never sign up for another run again.

But a year has past and I’m all signed up and ready to go to do better than last year. Progress not perfection. thank you Coach Pete for believing in me” -Shawnee[/content_box_yellow]

The 12-Week Mud Run Training Program

These Mud Run competition is an entirely different animal.

Sure, you have worked out in the gym, you have done the bodybuilding stuff, you might have even done the yoga programs or ran marathons in the past…

But you are still a little worried about whether or not all this stuff will get you ready.

And you should be worried.

Mud Runs are like no other race or challenge you have ever done before.

  • You have to know exactly how to run and how long to run for…
  • You have to know what reps you need to add…
  • You need to get the right form and you need to ensure you don’t injure yourself out on that field…

Believe me, there is nothing more embarrassing than having to leave the race on a stretcher or in an ambulance.

But I see it happen at every challenge.

In 12 weeks I can get you prepared to finish dominate the most unforgiving challenges on the planet… with flying colors.

My 12-Week Mud Run Training Program combines a progressive strength and running program that is guaranteed to supercharge your endurance and your power… and take it to the level you need to succeed.

Not only that, my 12-Week Mu Run Training Program provides you with the training you need for every challenge you will encounter on the field.

  • You will learn to build mental toughness
  • You will learn what you can expect during any given race
  • You will learn how to easily over-come every last obstacle you are about to face.

But one of the most unique factors of my 12-Week Mud RunTraining Program is the incorporation of mobility fundamentals that ensure you STAY injury free during training – and after the race itself.

Mobility fundamentals such as proper warm-up techniques, cool down stretches and soft tissue work… this is how you’re going to get it done.

And these are the little things that make the difference between leaving on a stretcher… and celebrating in the winner’s circle with a few beers in less than 2 hours!

There is no greater feeling than crossing that finish line in under 2 hours… feeling like you could do it all again… putting on that headband or earning that medal and drinking beers with your team.

All while you watch all your other friends and competitors come crawling across that finish line – in complete agony – hours later.

Sorry Guys, But P90X Just Ain’t Going to Cut It…

Look, P90X – and all the other programs like it – really are great programs. They WILL get you into shape.

But they aren’t going to get you ready for the Spartan Run or Tough   Mud… and that’s just the cold, hard truth.

And most trainers and coaches – even the ones that work with triathletes and marathoners – don’t have the knowledge and the experience to get you ready for this event.

I’m not going to lie to you; my 12-Week Mud Run Training Program IS going to kick your butt.

But it will give you – and your entire team – the level of physical and mental toughness you need to complete the mud course.

It will prevent you from getting injured and allow you to still feel like having a beer once it’s all over.

It will provide you with the stamina that is required to make it over that finish line… without having to rely on your buddies to pull your ass across.

It will get you prepared for the most difficult challenge you have ever faced.

And it will probably leave you in the best shape of your life.

The question is…

Do you want to just participate in the Mud Run or do you want to DOMINATE that course?

Believe me; I know exactly why you want to enter the Tough Mud Run. I know exactly why you want to push yourself to the limit and find out just how tough you really are.

And I know why you are here right now… because you want to ensure that you achieve exactly what you have set your mind to do… and that is finish the course and earn your headband.

You will never feel more pride or accomplishment as when you step foot across that finish line.

You have just completed a challenge that most people are simply too fearful – or too weak – to even attempt.

You have just tested your toughness, your strength, your stamina, and your mental grit to the limit and came out on top.

You have taken a race most people are too afraid to compete in… and you have DOMINATED IT!

Let Me Give You the 12-Week Training Program That Will Guarantee You Cross the Finish Line  

With my 12-Week Mud RunTraining Program you do not need any special equipment and you do not need a gym membership.

You can follow the steps from home – with or without your team.

With my Mud Run Training Program you will build-up your stamina, your strength and your power in 12 weeks and guarantee yourself that you cross the finish line. 

Beginners can use this program.

Experienced body-builders can use this program.

But both will find it challenging because it isn’t just about running or doing reps… it’s about getting your body and your mind prepared for the toughest competition on the planet.

I designed my 12-Week Mud Run Training Program to:

  • Combine a progressive strength program and a progressive running program.
  • Prepare your body for all other challenges and obstacles you may face on the run… including crawling, jumping, hanging, climbing… whatever obstacles are on the course that day you will have the strength you need to complete it.
  • Prepare you for the mental anguish you need to stay in freezing water when your body is telling you to jump out, walk through fire obstacles when your mind says to run away and crawl through the nastiest, muddiest conditions when you are tired and your energy is drained.
  • Impart the secrets of encouraging your team, the basics to keep-up the moral and how to effectively help your other teammates when they struggle.
  • Give you the proper warm-up techniques; cool down stretches and the soft tissue work you need to still feel great after you just spent hours getting beat-up.

You could use other programs to get into shape…

But if you are serious about getting prepared to conquer the Tough Mudder and Spartan Race… this is the ONLY program you will find that specifically targets the physical and mental needs of this competition.

Here’s To Pushing Yourself to the Limits and Achieving the Goal You Set,
Pete Isip

P.S. This is not a generic training program. This 12-week course has been specifically designed for my own Mud Run Race team and my Tough Mudder/ Spartan Race clients to get them prepared – both mentally and physically – for this event.
I have designed this combination of training to ensure that you will be ready for all the obstacles and to ensure that you cross the finish line… without looking like an asshole and embarrassing yourself on the field.

P.P.S. You don’t want to be the guy who all your friends have to drag across that finish line…

You don’t want to be the guy who cries on the field because of the pain…

You want to wear your headband with pride and wear your medal with honor

You want to feel that sense of accomplishment and know that you just completed a challenge that most people are too scared to attempt.

Tough Mudder and Spartan Race is not for the faint of heart… if you are not prepared it can chew you up and spit you out.

But if you follow my Specialized Tough Mud Run Training you will be prepared for anything that field throws at you.

Order now and let’s get started.[/content_box]

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