Olympic Weight Lifting Seminar Nutley

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Here Is What You Will Learn At The Krank Olympic Lifting Seminar:


  • The Basic Fundamentals: Introduction to Olympic Lifting and the foundational lifts you MUST learn before you can CRUSH the Olympic Lifts without injury.
  • Proper Warm Up: How to properly warm up so you can move heavy weight for the rest of our life. WithoutInjury.
  • How to Properly Perform The: Hang Snatch, Hang clean, and Power Jerk Safely & Effectively so you can lift pain-free well past your 60′s!
  • Learn The Best Stretches: You will learn how to stay healthy for years and how to prevent common injuries from occurring while getting Stronger.
  • How To Implement The “O” Lifts Into Your Programming: Find out the best ways to use the Olympic Lifts for Maximum gains without overtraining.
  • The Advanced Techniques: Learn how to break your PR’s using advanced Olympic Lifts like the Snatch and Clean from the Ground and the Split Jerk with perfect form and zero injury.
  • Advanced Mobility Drills: Discover the best drills to get you into the best starting position for your Olympic lifting. Whether your in the gym or in a competition, these will help you feel more flexible and confident as you approach the lifts.
  • How Easily Increase Range of Motion And Speed Up Recovery: Using just two easy to acquire tools, find out how to increase your range of motion and speed up recovery to get yourself stronger and prevent possible injuries. [/red_tick_list][/content_box]



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