Olympic Weight Lifting Seminar

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  • Basic Fundamentals: Don’t crush your health and ability to lift by forgetting about the basics!! Learn the fundamentals that will allow to you become a PRO in no time at all without injury!!
  • Proper Progressions, Warm Up, And Mobility: You want to lift heavy when your in your 60′s and beyond, right?! Find out the quick injury prevention warm ups that will allow you to move HEAVY weight for the rest of our life. WITHOUT INJURY!!
  • THE ONLY Way To Front Squat And Back Squat: Become a pro in squatting. You’ll be the ONLY one at the gym who will actually look and feel STRONG while everyone else is doing half reps with a wrecked back!! 
  • How To Properly Perform The “O” Lifts WITHOUT Getting Injured: Don’t become another statistic for injury because of an Olympic Lift. Learn the techniques that will save your health AND help YOU get STRONGER!!!
  • Level I Type Movements: From the Hang Snatch to the Push Jerk; learn how to perform all of the basic movements that will get you STRONGER to perform the higher leveled movements[/red_tick_list][/content_box]

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